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May arrested for murders of two high school sweethearts 29 years ago

A man has been arrested for the murders of two high school sweethearts in Jefferson County 29 years ago.

The state Justice Department and sheriff's officials announced the arrest of Edward W. Edwards late last night in the 1980 slayings of Tim Hack and Kelly Drew. Edwards is being held in Louisville, Ky.

We have not been told yet about his connections to the victims.

Detectives re-submitted evidence to the State Crime Lab a couple years ago for review.

Hack and Drew were both 19 when they left a wedding reception in Sullivan on Aug. 9, 1980, and were never seen alive after that.

Hack's car was found the next day where the reception was held. It was locked with his jacket, checkbook, and wallet inside.

Authorities found their clothes spread in ditches. And hunters found their badly decomposed bodies east of Watertown, just over two months after the disappearances.

Officials could never determine how the pair died.

No weapons were found and no suspects were ever identified.

Rumors and theories kept being spread for years.

Hack's mother told the AP in 2000 that more than one person probably killed her son and Drew, and at least one of them knew the area pretty well.