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Casino gambling revenues expected to drop; first time in 16 years

Casino gambling revenues are expected to go down in Wisconsin for the first time in 16 years.

The Madison Capital Times says analysts project a nearly 5 percent drop in Indian casino revenues this year, and a relatively small gain of 3 percent next year.

And it's not just the casinos that are hurting. The Legislative Fiscal Bureau says the state government will get almost $16 million less in gaming revenues in the current two-year budget period.

That means taxpayers will have to make up for those losses.

And lottery ticket sales are expected to drop by $21 million dollars this year.

That means homeowners will get smaller property tax breaks from the lottery.

They can expect around $78 for a lottery credit in December, down from $97 two years ago.

Last year, Wisconsin's Indian casinos had a combined revenue increase of just 0.4 percent.

But Bobbi Webster of the Oneida tribe says there's been an increase in its bingo business.

She says it gives players a chance to stretch their entertainment dollars a little longer.