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Local artists gather to help with entries

Have you captured your experience of life affected by mental illness in an original work of art?

Has your artwork helped you deal with life or helped others understand what you've gone through?

Artists who are planning to enter the "Art of Coping Exhibition" sponsored by NAMI-St. Croix Valley are invited to spend time with other artists on Wednesday, Sept. 9, from noon to 4 p.m. at Messes and Masterpieces, 215 N. Knowles Ave., New Richmond (Subway building).

Those artists attending will help each other create, complete and critique the pieces being readied for submission. Bring ideas, materials, works in progress and patience. Writers or musicians who plan to contribute to the opening reception by submitting a non-visual work are also free to attend.

Although the exhibition in "The Gallery" at the River Falls Public Library won't open until November 2009, entries must be ready for judges by Oct. 1.

Help may be available to obtain matting or framing materials. Call Amy at 715-246-5404 with needs and description.