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Group asks state Supreme Court to save new domestic partner benefits

A gay rights' group says it will ask the State Supreme Court today to throw out a lawsuit which tries to invalidate Wisconsin's new domestic partner benefits.

Fair Wisconsin says its members have an important need for the domestic partner registry which began on Aug. 23.

Members of the Wisconsin Family Action group have asked the Supreme Court to throw out the new registry, saying it violates the 2006 constitutional ban against gay marriages and civil unions.

Almost 1,000 same-sex couples have placed themselves on the registry, which gives them over 40 of the 200 legal benefits enjoyed by married couples.

They include things like the sharing of health care benefits, end-of-life decisions, taking medical leave for a sick partner and certain inheritance rights.

Attorneys from the Lambda Legal group, who represent Fair Wisconsin, say they'll ask the justices to send the case to a lower court first.

They say there are too many facts being disputed for the Supreme Court to be the first to act on the matter.