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Local hopscotch course grows to epic proportions

Several friends along East First Street in New Richmond were about the only people who were sad to see it rain earlier this week.

Madeline Melby, Lydia Melby, Elizabeth Lee and Tranae Hanvelt saw some of their hopscotch squares wash away with the precipitation.

But this wasn't your ordinary hopscotch playing field. The squares numbered more than 1,500 on Monday afternoon and stretched from the Melby driveway, west on East Fourth Street and south on South Starr Avenue.

The hopscotch enthusiasts hoped to eventually continue the squares all around the block.

It all started Sunday when the kids complained about being bored.

"Little did I know that when I said, 'Why don't you play hopscotch,' that it would go this far," Christine Melby said with a laugh.

The friends started drawing the chalk hopscotch squares in the Melby driveway, then turned the corner and kept going.

"The world record -- that's our goal," Madeline Melby said, never pausing from her task.

According to Christine, it appears the world record for a continuous hopscotch pattern is about 10,000 squares. She was unaware that rain was forecast for Monday night's weather.

There was no report on if the rain washed away the friends' plans.