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New church sprouts in Star Prairie

Ken Mettler

A new non-denominational church has started to meet in Star Prairie.

Solid Rock Fellowship, under the leadership of Pastor Ken Mettler, gathers at 10 a.m. Sundays in the Star Prairie Community Center.

On occasion the congregation will meet in an alternate location when the Community Center is being used for another function. Contact Dennis Ryan at 246-5104 for information on where the church will meet on any given Sunday.

According to Mettler, the new evangelical Christian congregation started up at the end of August. Their first gathering was held in Mary Park in New Richmond, but they're glad to have found a more permanent location for now.

About 35 people attend services on a regular basis, Mettler estimated.

"The people who attend have a heart to worship God," he said. "They love the Lord."

Mettler called the congregation "very welcoming" and anyone who visits will be accepted.

"There's a place for everyone here," he said. "Every believer is welcome. We don't believe there is just one way to do things, and we're a group of joyful Christians."

Solid Rock Fellowship has adopted a constitution and elected a four-member board to oversee the ministry. The group will be working on a mission and vision statement for the church in the coming weeks.

"We're putting it all together piece by piece," he said. "We're not fully organized yet."

For more information, contact Mettler at 715-483-9202.

For a complete story, see this week's New Richmond News.