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Despite a new economic growth, David Obey says government needs to do more

House Appropriations Chairman David Obey of Wausau says the government needs to do more to boost the U.S. economy, in spite of new growth.

The Gross Domestic Product grew 3.5 percent in the last three months.

That's the first gain in more than a year.

Much of it was attributed to government programs like Cash for Clunkers which boosted car sales.

Obey, a Democrat, called it welcome news. But he sees little evidence that the private economy is strong enough to sustain the new growth without more government help.

Republicans say the government is not helping much at all, despite the billions in economic stimulus dollars spent.

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Janesville, calls the stimulus program a failure.

He says it's done nothing to put people back to work and 2.7 million jobs were actually lost during that period.

Still, there are positive signs for Wisconsin's industrial economy.

The Commerce Department said there were big manufacturing gains in fields where Wisconsin's been hard hit, like auto parts and paper production.

We Energies' CEO Gale Klappa said his utility sold a lot more electricity to major industries in the last quarter.