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Heat wave may cause price increase for dairy products

The price of many dairy products may soon increase because of hot weather in Wisconsin and California.

Dairy marketing specialist Bob Cropp says the recent weather in the two states not only stresses dairy cows and lowers production, but will also impact the price of feedstock, such as corn and hay.

Cropp says, however, that the impact may not be immediate. He notes there is a lot of cheese and butter in storage. He also says that the milk price is set once a month, so this impact will be seen starting here in August, with a continued increase to September.

He says October could see the highest prices.

Cropp says dairy consumers will not be impacted that much on balance, since milk prices have been low due to increased production earlier this year. He says even after the heat wave subsides, prices will not likely reach their levels from last year, when milk production was much lower.