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Environmental group release report card on state Legislature

An environmental voting scorecard says overall, the Wisconsin Senate's record is improving, but not the record of some individual senators.

The League of Conservation Voters is releasing today its scorecard for the just completed 2005-2006 state legislative session.

Kerry Schumann, executive director for the group, says one of the biggest changes from the previous session is that the average score of the Senators has gone from 46 percent to 62 percent.

Schumann says legislators two years ago tried to roll back a lot of environmental laws. He says the thing that changed in the last session is that legislators actually put forth proactive proposals to protect the environment.

The League also says some lawmakers deserve to be on an honor roll, especially Sen. Roberty Cowles, R-Green Bay, for his work on a clean energy bill.

Schumann says other Senators are on a dishonor roll, including Sen. Dave Zien, R-Eau Claire, Sen. Alan Lasee, R-De Pere, and Sen. Cathy Stepp, R-Sturtevant.

He says they held hearings around the state for people to complain about the Department of Natural Resources and they were pretty clear they didn't want to hear about good work that the DNR does and just have the agency attacked.

Lasee and Zien did not return phone calls for reaction to the scorecard while is not running for re- election.