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Man hurt as truck's boom hits power line near Prescott

PRESCOTT-A Hastings, Minn., man was injured in an accident involving a truck's boom contacting a power line Friday morning.

Ellis Parker Jr., 70, was found on the road shoulder at Hwy. 10 and North Acres Road, the accident scene to which the Prescott Police Department was called at 8:03 a.m. Parker was checked by the Prescott Ambulance Service and transported to the Hastings hospital.

Parker told an officer he and two other workers for Map Cont, Inc., Prescott, were pulling fence posts when the right side arm of the truck sank, causing the vehicle to shift and the boom to hit the line. Electricity was sent into the truck and shocked him as he stood nearby. He was knocked to the ground and the truck's tires began to burn.

Parker was issued a citation for having no valid drivers license. AutoWorks towed the vehicle away from the line after the power was shut off by Xcel Energy. The Prescott Fire Department and the Pierce County Sheriff's Department assisted at the scene.