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Lawyer for teen accused in Halbech murder wants trial moved

The attorney for 16-year old Brendan Dassey wants his client's rape and murder trial moved up to Nov. 12.

Dassey is charged along with his uncle Steven Avery with the torture, rape and murder of 25-year old photographer Teresa Halbach in October of last year.

Dassey's lawyer, Len Kachinsky, says the teenager wants to get the trial over with as soon as possible because he feels very isolated in his cell at the Sheboygan juvenile detention center.

He says Dassey is in a cellblock all by himself with no one to talk to, and adds that Dassey has never been through anything like this before.

Dassey recently recanted a videotaped confession of his role in Halbach's murder. He told the judge he has eight witnesses who can place him somewhere else when the young woman was murdered.

Kachinski says a judge will hold a hearing on the request for a new trial date in two weeks.

Steven Avery's trial is scheduled for mid-October, but Kachinski says he's hoping it will be delayed until January so the two trials won't be going on at the same time.