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State report finds area property values on the rise

Property values in both the west central region and across Wisconsin are on the rise according to a report released this week by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

The department's annual equalized values report shows statewide property values increased by 9.59 percent up from 9.39 percent in 2005.

In the region, Polk County saw the biggest jump with an increase of 10.54 percent.

Meanwhile St. Croix County property values increased by 11.36 percent while Pierce County increased by 9.96 percent.

The property values in Pepin County increased 6.73 percent while Dunn County saw an increase of 8.2 percent. Chippewa County property values increased by 9.46 percent.

The lowest growth rate in the region was in Eau Claire County where property values jumped 5.49 percent.

Adams County in the central part of the state had the highest increase - there property values jumped 17.29 percent. Other top counties included Juneau and Florence counties.

The full report is available online at