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Efforts continue to find missing Wisconsin Rapids woman

WISCONSIN RAPIDS -- It's been almost three months since a Wisconsin Rapids woman vanished without a trace, and the people who knew Deidre Harm are redoubling their efforts to find her.

On June 10th, Deidre Harm, 21, left her infant daughter with a babysitter and accompanied an acquaintance to a Wisconsin Rapids tavern. She left alone and hasn't been seen since.

Heather Banta was one of Deidre's best friends ands says that while Deidre liked to have a good time, she loved her daughter, always showed up for work, and always checked in with friends and family.

September 10 is the three-month anniversary of the disappearance, and on that day Heather and her friends will hold a candlelight ceremony.

A reward fund is being administered by the Wisconsin Rapids Police Department. Anyone with information on the disappearance of Deidre Harm is urged to call 715-423-4444.