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Halbach's mother testifies in trial of Avery's nephew

Teresa Halbach's mother was the prosecution's first witness Monday at Brendan Dassey's trial in Manitowoc.

Karen Halbach told the jury pretty much what she said last month at the Steven Avery trial, that her 25-year-old daughter was a caring and loving young woman.

Dassey, 17, is Avery's nephew and he's charged with helping rape, shoot and burn Halbach in 2005 at his family's auto salvage yard.

Karen Halbach said her family thought Teresa died in a car crash at first but a detailed search of the Avery property proved otherwise.

Also testifying was Tom Fassbender, state justice agent, who described the evidence around Halbach's SUV where blood from both her and Avery were found.

In his opening argument, prosecutor Ken Kratz said Dassey was ready and willing to help Avery with the murder.

But Dassey's lawyer, Mark Fremgen, said all his client did was join his uncle at a bonfire and helped clean out a garage. Fremgen accused investigators of coercing the vulnerable Dassey into saying whatever they wanted.