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Bishop officiates Mass for four area schools

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As a highlight of the Catholic Schools Week, Bishop Peter Forsyth Christensen presided over Mass at St. Anne's Church on Wednesday, Feb. 3.

Students from St. Bridget's School in River Falls, St. Patrick's School in Hudson, St. Mary's School in New Richmond and St. Anne's School in Somerset attended the 10 a.m. Mass.

Christensen, who has 16 Catholic schools in his district, said he brought 16 rosaries when he visited Pope Benedict XVI in Rome and asked him to bless each one.

Christensen said he asked each of the principals to submit a name from their second grade. The selected second-graders received the rosaries on behalf of their school. Eric Vater was the recipient for St. Anne's School.

At the end of the Mass, each student received a rosary blessed by the bishop.