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Pro-life law firm to appeal Menomonie's pharmacist's case to state Supreme Court

A pro-life law firm has asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to consider reversing the state's disciplinary action against a pharmacist who refused to give out birth control.

The Third District Appeals' Court recently upheld the punishment given to Neil Noesen.

A state board reprimanded him, put limits on his pharmacy license and told him to take an ethics course.

That's because he refused to fill a birth control prescription for a University of Wisconsin-Stout student on a Saturday afternoon in 2002. In addition, he refused to let her fill it somewhere else, saying it's against his religious beliefs.

The court decision is being appealed, but the Supreme Court has not said if it will take the case.

Attorney Paul Linton of Chicago's Thomas More Society says Noesen is being punished because he doesn't compromise on his religion.

The state board also told Noesen to pay $21,000 for the costs of handling his case but the appellate court ordered a review of that mandate.