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Farmers finally getting crops into ground

Wisconsin farmers are finally starting to get their corn in the ground.

The government says 4 percent of the state's crop is planted.

That's way behind the normal for the date of 34 percent, because of the cooler and wet spring we've had.

According to agronomist Mark Weihing of Pioneer seeds, the sandier soils are off to a better start than most.

He says the south central Sands' region has a lot of planning finished - and they're making progress south of the Wisconsin River in the southwest part of the state.

All told, Weihing says west central Wisconsin is about five good planting days behind schedule.

The state's oat planting is 23 percent finished, down from last year's 72 percent. About 10 percent of the oat crop has emerged.

Winter wheat continues to do well, but there was some frost damage last week.

Most alfalfa appears to be good, except in low areas where it's been under water for too long.

About half of Wisconsin's fields have surplus moisture. The rest are listed as adequate.