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Doyle to make budget repair bill vetoes today

We'll find out this morning (Friday) what Gov. Jim Doyle will veto from the Legislature's plan for wiping out the state's budget deficit.

Doyle has a 10 a.m. ceremony planned at the Capitol.

This week, lawmakers took several steps to close a revenue shortfall of more than a $0.5 billion.

Doyle says he opposes three major parts of the plan - refinancing future payments from the tobacco lawsuit settlement, pushing school aid into the next budget, and taking driver license fee money that's supposed to be used for the federal Real ID program.

The governor wanted to take millions from the transportation fund to fix the deficit now, then borrow the exact amount so the highway projects still get done.

Republicans have been dead set against that, but Doyle can still use his line-item veto power to make it happen.

If he does, Assembly Majority Leader Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, says his house will consider an override.

The Senate could do it only if the Assembly does - and Senate Majority Leader Sen. Russ Decker, D-Weston, doubts the Assembly will have muster the two-thirds majority needed for an override.