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Lawmakers ask for end to ethanol credits

Twenty-five Wisconsin legislators have their own ideas for cutting gas prices.

They've asked Congress to put an end to the EPA mandate to sell cleaner reformulated gas in the Milwaukee area.

They call it a "boutique fuel" that's no cleaner than anything else and because it costs more, it puts southeast Wisconsin at a disadvantage.

Also, the 25 lawmakers - all but one of whom are Republicans - want to end federal tax credits for ethanol production.

They said federal ethanol policies have been a disaster and the subsidies can be better spent on fuel-cell technology.

The lawmakers expressed those sentiments in a letter to Wisconsin's congressional delegation.

One of the signers, Sen. Alberta Darling, R-River Hills, said gas prices are hitting families in the pocketbook.

According to the Triple A, fuel prices in the Milwaukee area are 11 cents higher than the statewide average.

Some stations in the metro were charging $4.15 a gallon Thursday.