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Assembly to attempt overrides of Doyle vetoes today

Gov. Jim Doyle says there's no way he'll put education and the SeniorCare drug program in jeopardy even though Republicans say it's possible.

Today (Wednesday), the Assembly will consider overriding three of Doyle's recent vetoes to the bill that balances the state budget.

Those items would have prevented spending cuts for public schools and health care as well as transportation, where Doyle wants to take $100-million and borrow money for new roads instead.

Now, GOP Assembly leaders are touting the prospects of higher property taxes, crumbling roads and a threat to the program that helps seniors pay for their medicines.

Doyle spokesman Lee Sensenbrenner says none of that's true. Still, the governor wants to keep the door open to possible cost-savings for schools and Senior-Care, and he says an override would prevent that.

The gas tax fund raid is a central part of Doyle's plans to close a budget deficit that exceeds a $0.5 billion.

Republicans will need at least 15 Democratic votes for the override, something Minority Leader Jim Kreuser does not think will happen.

If it does, the Senate will take it up.

It's been 23 years since any governor's veto has been overridden.