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Pro-life supporters not happy with suicide ruling

Pro-lifers want the state Legislature to nullify Thursday's appellate court decision that lets those who assist in a suicide inherit the person's property.

Barbara Lyons of Wisconsin Right to Life says it gives a financial motive to help others kill themselves.

The case involved Edward Schunk, a terminally-ill man from Clark County who shot himself to death in January of 2006.

Five children from his former marriage said his later wife and their daughter helped with the suicide.

They said the law which prevents murderers from collecting their victims' inheritance should also apply in this case.

The two women said they weren't around when Schunk killed himself, and the district attorney found no evidence they assisted with his death.

But that wasn't the issue before the Fourth District Appeals Court.

They only wanted to decide whether assisted suicides fall under the ban on collecting an inheritance to one who "willfully and intentionally kills another."

The appellate court said assisted suicides do not fall under that ban.