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Judge tosses Green Bay nativity scene lawsuit

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Green Bay officials for a nativity scene placed above the main entrance to City Hall last Christmas.

It was only up for two weeks and the city had put a moratorium on similar displays.

So Federal Judge William Griesbach said there was really nothing to decide.

Still, he managed to write 23 pages about it. The judge said the plaintiffs won everything they fought for.

Griesbach said the city changed its behavior and there's nothing to be gained from spending time and money to "obtain a piece of paper saying the plaintiffs were right."

Madison's Freedom from Religion Foundation got 14 Green Bay residents to join in their lawsuit.

One of them, Taku Ronsman, said former City Council president Chad Fredette got away with something he should not have.

He was the one who put up the nativity scene.

The Liberty Council, which represented the city for free, said the city would have won had the matter gone to trial.

Mayor Jim Schmitt said the city will now consider a policy allowing only secular displays on city property in Green Bay.

The Council's Advisory Committee will take it up next week.