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State No. 2 in deaths from car-animal crashes

Wisconsin has the nation's second-highest number of deaths in vehicle crashes with deer and other animals over the last 15 years.

The Highway Loss Data Institute said 123 people were killed in animal-vehicle mishaps in the Badger State since 1993.

Only Texas had more deaths, with 227.

Last year alone, 223 people died nationally in vehicle-animal crashes.

The institute blames urban sprawl as growing suburbs overtake traditional deer habitat.

The risk of getting in an animal crash is three times higher in November than from January-September. That's because deer breed in the fall.

Jonathan Adkins of the Governor's Highway Safety Association says the only way for government to prevent animal crashes is to put up more fencing. But he says it's extremely expensive, and not very practical.

Therefore, he says it's up to drivers to slow down, especially at dusk on rural roads.

State Farm officials state total insurance industry claims for deer and other animal crashes are up 15 percent over the last five years.