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Economy big in election say polls

Wisconsinites said the poor economy was the big reason they decided to change parties in the White House, and go with Democrat Barack Obama.

According to the exit poll for major media outlets, six of every 10 Wisconsin voters cited the economy as their top concern.

Fewer than 11 percent cited health care, Iraq, terrorism or energy policy.

Those who cited terrorism as their chief worry preferred Republican John McCain over Obama.

Voters most concerned about energy were evenly split.

Those citing the economy and health care went with Obama.

As expected, the election attracted lots of new voters. Ten percent of those in the Wisconsin exit poll said they were voting for the first time - and they went with Obama by more than 2-1.

Almost two-thirds of young voters under 29 endorsed Obama. Those undecided until the last second split their votes about evenly.

Seventy-three percent disapproved of President Bush's job performance, and almost three-fourths of them went with Obama.

The rich were among the few groups supporting McCain. 51-percent of those with $100,000 in family income voted Republican.

Seventy percent of Wisconsinites said McCain attacked Obama unfairly in his campaign, and only 54 percent said Obama did the same to McCain.