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Powerball winning will be tougher next year

It will be tougher to win the Wisconsin Lottery's Powerball jackpot in the New Year. But it will be easier to win at least something.

Four white regular numbers will be added starting Jan. 4, for a total of 59. And three red Powerball numbers will be removed, for a total of 39.

That will toughen the odds of winning the jackpot from one-in-146 million to one-in-195 million.

The idea is to create larger-and-faster-growing jackpots.

But the odds of winning any prize will drop from 1-in-37 to 1-in-35. Officials say it will create about three-million more winners.

And there should be more millionaires because the Power Play multiplier will automatically be 5 for those who match all five regular numbers but not the Powerball.

That prize is normally $200,000, and it's multiplied for those who buy the extra Power Play option. The multiplier will not change for other prizes.

When somebody wins the jackpot it will go back to $20 million instead of $15 million.

Florida will join Powerball next month. That will bring to 31 the number of states and jurisdictions which play the game.

There's a drawing tonight, with a jackpot of $50 million.

To help make the changes, the game's multi-draw option has been temporarily reduced.