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Walker says state law enforcement officials should fight Doyle's plan to release prisoners

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker during a recent visit to Hudson. Staff photo

A possible candidate for governor next year has asked Wisconsin sheriffs and district attorneys to oppose a plan for the early release of prisoners.

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker wants authorities to join him in trying to kill Gov. Jim Doyle's budget measure.

It would shorten the sentences of up to 3,000 non-violent felons, according to how long they've been on good behavior.

Corrections' officials say it would save money without compromising public safety.

But Walker and other Republicans say it basically guts the 1999 truth-in-sentencing law which forced inmates to serve their full terms unless judges decide otherwise.

Walker says the state cannot let up in its effort to improve public safety, even as crime rates are down in many parts of Wisconsin.

Doyle spokesman Lee Sensenbrenner says prison guards believe inmates need some kind of incentive to behave behind bars.