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Child care delivery vans now need alarms

State lawmakers gave their final approval Tuesday to making child care delivery vans have alarms, so drivers don't leave any kids behind.

The Assembly OK'd the mandate 99-0, after the Senate passed it on a voice vote. It now goes to Gov. Jim Doyle, who's expected to sign it.

Milwaukee legislators rammed the bill through after 4-month-old Jalen Knox-Perkins died on April 9.

He was picked up at his home, and then forgotten once he got to Milwaukee's Bumble Bee Learning Center. He was found dead in the van five hours later.

The required alarm would be located on the rear of the vehicle, making drivers walk past seat windows to disarm it.

The alarms would cost up to $350 each. Milwaukee Democrat Spencer Coggs said Tennessee passed a similar requirement five years ago and no kids in those vans have died there since.

Milwaukee has had three such deaths the past few years.