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Check for bicycles before opening that car door

If you park your car on the street, you'll be soon be fined if a bicycle runs into your door as you get out.

Both houses of the Wisconsin Legislature voted Tuesday to put the onus on motorists to watch out for bikes when they park and not the other way around.

The Assembly and Senate both passed the measure on voice votes and sent it to Gov. Jim Doyle, who's expected to sign it.

Hundreds of bicyclists showed up at the Capitol to push for the bill.

Madison has already made so-called "dooring" against the law.

A first offense could soon cost drivers statewide $20 to $40.

Also Tuesday, the Assembly voted to make it harder to force judges to investigate complaints against prison guards which are deemed frivolous.

The bill now goes to the Senate. Also, the Assembly voted 61-38 in favor of new consumer protections for those who buy individual health insurance.

The Senate will now take up the measure, which reforms how insurers consider the pre-existing health conditions of prospective clients.

And both houses passed bills which describe how the state will run Milwaukee County's public assistance programs until at least 2011. State officials ordered the takeover after clients failed to get proper service from county employees.