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10-year-old boy in River Falls helps his dad get arrested for drunken driving

Police were chasing the man when he got out of his car - and when he tried to get back in, the boy had locked him out.

Mark Kotowski, 51, was allegedly drunk when he picked up his son from school last Thursday. A school employee saw the man stumble and called police.

An officer stopped the vehicle, and said Kotowski drove away speeding, and almost hitting another vehicle before parking near his apartment.

When Kotowski got out, the officer told him to stop. He apparently tried to get back in the vehicle only to find that his son locked him out.

The officer said he used pepper spray to try and calm the man down but he kept resisting. And when they finally got him to a hospital to check his blood, Kotowski reportedly struggled with medical staffers and police.

Officials said they're still waiting to find out his blood alcohol level.

Kotowski is charged in Pierce County with his third drunken-driving charge, attempting to flee, and resisting arrest.

His next court hearing is set for Monday.