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Milwaukee child care delivery driver pleads guilty in the death of an infant

A driver for a Milwaukee day care center has pleaded guilty in the death of a 4-month-old boy he left in a delivery van.

Fitz Marney, 44, of Wauwatosa is scheduled to be sentenced July 16 on a charge of leaving a child unattended while working as a child care employee.

Four-month-old Jalen Knox-Perkins died April 9, after being left alone for five hours in a van outside Milwaukee's Bumble Bee Learning Center.

The driver had picked the child up at his home for delivery to the center.

It was only 60 degrees outside that day but officials said the temperature in the van rose to 104-degrees.

The death spurred state legislators to pass a law requiring alarms that child care drivers must turn off, to assure that they check the seats before leaving their vehicles.