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Couponing enters digital age; author promotes tips on tour

Think you're a good coupon clipper? You probably have nothing on Susan Samtur.

She's publishes a magazine on the subject called the Refundle Bundle.

And yesterday, she put on a demonstration at Sendik's Food Market in the Milwaukee suburb of Franklin. Samtur managed to buy $136 worth of groceries for just $15.98, including a sales tax of $3-plus from the original amount.

She bought numerous sale items which turned out to be free.

She used high-value refund coupons often found when products are introduced.

And she focused on name brands, which can provide more and bigger coupon discounts than the house products.

Samtur and her husband are on a publicity tour.

She has written several books on coupon savings and her latest, "How to Save in a Digital Age," is due out soon.

They also run a Web site where shoppers pay a monthly fee for coupons the couple buys from people for 5 percent of their face value.

Her advice includes looking for coupons online as well as in the paper, making your shopping list correspond with your store's layout, have a well-organized coupon file, and be flexible and look for the best buys.

The Web site is