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Consumers see declining dairy prices; farmers endure

The consumer is starting to see what farmers have experienced for awhile now: declining dairy prices.

A price check of commonly bought food items in Wisconsin shows milk down 11 percent from the first quarter of the year.

The Wisconsin Farm Bureau conducts the Market Basket survey by pricing 20 food products in 26 different communities.

Bureau spokesman Casey Langan says farmers have endured low milk prices since the beginning of the year.

But the price drop of milk on store shelves is only a fraction of the 40 percent decline farmers have seen since last year.

Langan says more demand and less milk could boost prices for producers.

A glut of milk isn't the only reason for low prices; a lot has to do with the economy.

Exports aren't as strong as they are in good times, and people eat at restaurants less often.

Langan says a lot of those meals contain cheese which people may be less inclined to buy at the store if they're trying to cut their grocery bill.