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Tornado damaged homes and downed trees north of Burkhardt

What is believed to have been an F1 tornado damaged a number of homes and blew down countless trees in the town of St. Joseph Saturday night.

According to St. Joseph Town Clerk/Treasurer Marie Schmidt, the worst damage occurred on Walsh Road, Oakwood Lane and Beatrice Court in a subdivision at the northwest corner of County Roads E and I.

The neighborhood is a short distance northeast of Willow River State Park and north of the unincorporated village of Burkhardt.

There was also damage to at least one home on Bass Lake Road, east of County I and a short distance north of County Road E.

The storm that ripped through the area from about 10:15 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Saturday roughly followed County E, which runs eastward from Houlton and skirts Burkhardt on the north side.

Twin Cities television stations reported that the damage was done by an F1 tornado, the second-to-lowest category of tornado with winds of 73 to 112 mph.

A sidewall was ripped off an attached garage at the residence on Bass Lake Road. The garage doors also were damaged and shingles were torn off the roof of the home.

Another garage on Oakwood Lane was destroyed. A boat that was stored inside the garage was blown into a neighbor's yard.

The St. Joseph Fire Department was kept busy responding to the damage, according to media reports.

Xcel Energy reported that three power poles were knocked down in the storm and that 220 residences lost power.