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Parents ticketed in Memorial Day train-mini van collision

A woman who was rescued as a freight train hit her mini van in Elm Grove has been ticketed for illegally stopping on the tracks.

And her husband, who was driving another car and took part in the rescue, was ticketed for driving with a revoked license.

The incident happened on Memorial Day, when Monica Ensley-Partenfelder stopped her mini van on the railroad tracks in heavy traffic that was heading to Elm Grove's holiday parade.

Her husband Scott Partenfelder and police officer John Krohn were injured when they saved the woman and the couple's 2-year-old son, just as a 94-car train hit the mini-van.

Monica and the young boy escaped injury.

The parade was canceled due to the accident.

After a long investigation, Elm Grove Police said Monica broke a state law against stopping within 25-feet of a railroad crossing. That's a $63 fine.

Police also said Scott Partenfelder has been without a license since 1994, when it was revoked after another accident. He faces a $361 fine.