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Fond du Lac man tells judge he was ambushed before Krazy Glue attack

The Fond du Lac man who had his sex organ glued to his stomach said he was ambushed for cheating, after he went to a motel to play out a bondage fantasy with a girlfriend.

Donessa Davis, 37, spent 90 minutes on the witness stand yesterday, at a Calumet County Circuit Court hearing in which four women were ordered to stand trial for false imprisonment.

Davis said he thought he would only see Therese Ziemann on that July day in Stockbridge.

But then his wife Tracy Hood-Davis burst into the room along with Michelle Belliveau and girlfriend Wendy Sewell.

Davis said he was punched twice in the face as he tried to break free.

And Ziemann used Krazy Glue on his sex organ while the others watched, in order to get revenge for cheating on his wife.

Davis said he kept telling the women they couldn't let Ziemann assault him. Ziemann is also charged with fourth-degree sexual assault.

Belliveau pleaded innocent to her charge.

The others said they wanted more time to file motions.

Sewell's lawyer said she would try to have her client's charge dropped due to a lack of evidence.