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Crops get boost from warm weather; rain needed

The above-normal temperatures in Wisconsin have given a last-minute boost to the state's crops.

State officials said it was 2 to 4 degrees above normal last week, and it helped to dry corn that will be fed to cows.

Almost two-thirds of the state's overall corn crop is in good to excellent shape. Soybeans have been improving, with 71 percent rated good or excellent.

But a lack of rain is creating some moisture shortages again.

Only 43 percent of Wisconsin's farm fields had adequate moisture as of Sunday, down from 73 percent the week before.

Cities throughout the Badger State are setting records for going the longest without any measurable rainfall in September.

And it will stay that way for awhile. The National Weather Service has no mention of rain in its statewide forecast at least through Saturday. It's supposed to cool off a bit Wednesday, though, with highs expected in the 60s and 70s after a final day of 80-plus readings in many spots today.