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Neumanns get six months in jail for praying instead of getting medical help for dying daughter

A Wausau area couple will remain free while they appeal their reckless homicide convictions.

Dale and Leilani Neumann were given six-month jail sentences Tuesday, for praying instead of getting of medical help for their dying daughter.

Marathon County Circuit Judge Vincent Howard also ordered 10 years of probation.

But he delayed the jail terms until the courts get done with the case. Howard called the Neumanns very good people who made a bad decision and they made their daughter Kara, 11, a "martyr to their faith."

It's believed to be the first homicide case in Wisconsin in which someone died in faith healing.

Kara died in March of 2008 from complications of diabetes.

Her parents failed to call a doctor when she got too weak to eat, drink, walk or talk. They believed God would bring her back to health.

Prosecutor Lamont Jacobson called it a misguided belief.

He said justice was served, but he was disappointed that the couple was never sorry for what happened. At Tuesday's sentencing, Dale Neumann, 47, read from the Bible, and said he loved his daughter.