Weather Forecast


Most of Monday's snow should be melted; parts of the state will get more today

Most of Wisconsin's Columbus Day snow should be melted by now.

But folks near Lake Superior will get more snow this morning.

And a new upper air disturbance could bring more flakes to central Wisconsin tonight.

Ridgeland in Dunn County had the most Monday, with 3 inches. Other parts of the northwest had around 2.5 inches.

One-point-three inches fell as far south as La Crosse.

Most of central Wisconsin got less than an inch.

Any snow that fell in southern Wisconsin quickly vanished, as temperatures rose to 50 in some spots.

The upper 40s is predicted for that region today, but parts of northern Wisconsin may not see 40 again until Thursday.

There's a chance of either rain or light snow in the forecast for most of the week.