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Woman learns why not to text while being 'responsible driver'

Two people were arrested for drunken driving in Dodge County, because one of them couldn't pay for the gas he pumped.

Employees at a station in Reeseville called authorities Tuesday night after a Watertown man filled his tank but couldn't pay.

The 31-year-old was taken into custody on suspicion of his third OWI offense.

He could have been released to a responsible person but authorities said that person was drinking.

And while driving to the jail, the 35-year-old Waterloo woman crashed her vehicle into a utility pole while reportedly sending a text message.

She was taken to a Columbus hospital for treatment of minor injuries, and was cited for her first OWI.

By the way, a tow-truck driver got stuck while trying to remove the woman's car from a ditch - and a second towing company had to be called in.