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Sales of deer hunting licenses are down by 11 percent

Sales of Wisconsin deer-hunting licenses are down by 11 percent for the upcoming gun season.

The Department of Naturay Resources said 335,000 licenses were sold through Sunday, down from 376,000 at the same time a year ago.

Officials recently warned hunters that this year's harvest would probably be less than last year's.

That's because of lower fawn production and the ending of the Earn-A-Buck program, which forced many hunters to shoot does before taking bucks.

The DNR's Ed Culhane said gun-license sales normally take a big jump in the week before the season begins and around 650,000 licenses are sold each year.

The gun season begins Nov. 21. Bow and arrow hunters have been taking deer for a few weeks.

Those sales have been steady, with around 200,000 licenses issued in each of the last two years.