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Farmers catch up on harvest; mold and moisture a concern

Dry weather has helped Wisconsin farmers catch up with their harvest activities.

But moisture levels remain high in the corn crop and some farmers are letting it dry in the fields for now, while they bring in their soybeans.

Officials said 38-percent of Wisconsin's corn for grain was harvested as of Sunday.

That's up 15 percent from a week ago, but it's still only about half the normal harvest for this time of year.

Mold is also a problem in some of the corn, and some yields are said to be disappointing.

Eighty-percent of the soybeans were in by Sunday, up 38 percent from a week ago, but still 9 percent behind the norm.

But with more dry weather expected this week, the soybean harvest could be finished quickly.

Winter wheat planting is 84 percent complete. Only 12 percent of Wisconsin fields now have surplus moisture.