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Local mother named MSN's top parent

Who said parenting was a thankless job?

Not Ashley Cochran, a New Richmond mother of two. She was named MSN's Parent of the Month for February.

"I only told a few people - I didn't want to get too excited until the article got out there," Cochran said. "Then I sent it out to every single family member and friend I've ever known my whole life."

Cochran said she follows "The Family Room," a blog posted by Jeremy Greenberg at the Web site.

Cochran is a administrative assistant for Pressenter in Hudson. She and her husband Dusty have two children: Maxwell, 21 months, and Lorelei, 5 months. As the first grandkids on either side of the family, Cochran admits that they are not lacking for attention.

Indeed, although Maxwell goes to a day care in Somerset, her mother-in-law watches Lorelei while Cochran works full-time. Dusty works as an electrician.

"I'm lucky he likes to cook," Cochran said. "It's nice to come home and smell dinner."

She said she started reading The Family Room blog this past December. She planned on submitting an application for Parent of the Year, but she misplaced it.

"I was having a really bad day that day," Cochran laughed. "So I feigned an illness so my husband had to finish getting the kids their dinner and ready for bed."

With renewed vigor, she sent Greenberg an e-mail about why she should be a candidate for Parent of the Month. He responded with a list of questions and she provided the answers. The resulting interview is posted on

Greenberg was contacted for comment, but was not available at presstime.

When asked in the Web interview why she was a great parent, Cochran had this to say:

"I don't know that I am a great parent, but I'm certainly trying! Ask me again in 20 years when my kids are adults. If they are happy and are helping society, then I'll consider myself great."