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Local elections hold few surprises

Bob Olson, left, shows Josh Ulrich how to use the electronic voting machine on April 6.

New Richmond's new mayor is a familiar face in local politics.

Fred Horne, current city council member and St. Croix County Board member, was elected to his first term as mayor Tuesday during the spring elections.

Horne picked up 204 votes to 83 votes for challenger Michael Walsh, who had withdrawn from the race but whose name was still on the ballot.

The only other contested race for a seat on the New Richmond City Council turned out to be a close contest. Incumbent Jim Zajkowski narrowly defeated challenger James Jackson by a vote of 60 to 52.

Incumbents Jane Hansen and Ron Volkert were also re-elected. They faced no challengers.

In other results, Marty Wold (435 votes) and Neal A. Melby (412 votes) were re-elected to the New Richmond School Board. They faced no opposition.

Jeffrey A. Redmon (269 votes) and Kirk Lyksett (287 votes) were re-elected to the St. Croix Central School Board. There was no one running against them.

Mike Connor (243 votes) and Tim Witzmann (237 votes) were elected to the Somerset School Board. They faced no challengers.

In the race for seats on the Star Prairie Village Board, Gary Peterson (37 votes) and Andrew Marrier (39 votes) were elected.

In the Somerset Village Board contest, Ron Hill (45 votes), Ryan S. Sicard (52 votes) and David A. Carufel (43 votes) were elected. Bartt Palmer received 41 votes.

Three Roberts Village Board members were elected on Tuesday, including Nathan Stork (67 votes), Rand Waughtal (68 votes) and Peter C. Tharp (63 votes).

In the race for Hammond Village trustee posts, Wally Graf (68 votes) and Chris Buckel (66 votes) were elected. John E. Rivard picked up 38 votes and Steve Peterson had 46.

Sandra Nelson was elected as Hammond Village judge with 83 votes.

In the Deer Park Village trustee race, the only candidate, Robert R. Kobs, picked up 16 votes.

In the Warren Town Board race, Michael Kamm picked up 80 votes and Bruce C. Elliott had 60. Tim Clancy picked up 40 votes.

In the Star Prairie Town race, Patty Schachtner won a seat with 119 votes, Thomas John Heintz had 109 votes, Allen Campeau 92 votes and Gary R. Hanson 40.

In the Town of Somerset, Shane M. Demulling (64 votes) and Lenny Germain (57 votes) were elected.

In the Town of Richmond, Richard Berquist (37 votes) and David Naser (38 votes) were elected.

In the Town of Hammond, Kent Wynveen (59 votes) and Paulette Anderson (52 votes) were elected.

In the District 7 races for the St. Croix County Board, Eugene Ruetz (150 votes) defeated Stan Krueger (76 votes).

In District 8, James Stauffer (138 votes) dfeated Charles A. Grant (86 votes).

Also elected were Esther Scott Wentz (171 votes) in District 6; Fred Horne (99 votes) in District 5; Ryan Sicard (112 votes) in District 4); and Roger Larson (228 votes) in District 3.