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Two potential businesses are hot topics in Roberts

It was a full house at the Roberts Village Board meeting on Monday, April 12.

A point of discussion was the new Barn Board Saloon that is planning on moving into Miller's Corner.

Police Chief Dan Burgess said that during a routine background check of the owners applying for a liquor license, it was discovered that the other business they owned had an impending criminal trial in Polk County.

"It was mentioned that their liquor-licensed business in St. Croix Falls had some concerns about Mr. Kramer's involvement, although no one has been convicted at this point," Burgess said.

He spoke with Trisha Kramer, the spouse, and said he felt positive about the situation. However, the village board members received a letter from Bill Radosovich, village attorney, that expressed some concern about the situation. As the Kramers had not had a chance to see the letter, and the fact that their application for a liquor license was accidentally excluded from the agenda, the board decided to table their approval until the Wednesday, April 14, meeting.

"We're not making accusations; we're just trying to clear the air around this," Willard Moeri, village president, stressed. "The board is anxious to get this type of family restaurant in Roberts."

The Kramers, who were in attendance, agreed to the Wednesday meeting.

* * * * *

An approval for the Health Partners Clinic in the strip mall on Highway 12 sparked another debate among the board members.

Nathan Stork, board member, expressed his frustration over getting business plans from businesses that are already up and operating.

"Besides being informational, what do we even need this for?" Stork asked the board. "Might as well close the planning commission because we see this every month and it's annoying."

Doreen Kruschke, village clerk, said she told the business two months ago that they needed to submit a business plan to the village board, but she did not receive it until recently.

"I had plumbing plans and building plans come in before I even got this," Kruschke said, in reference to the business plan of operations.

Moeri said it really comes back to the developer to notify the new businesses that they need to submit a business plan to the village board in a timely manner.

"We request they give us a plan of operation so we can approve it, such as hazardous materials," Moeri explained. "It gets to be push come to shove unless you have a good reason to deny it."

"We can only give this policy teeth if we say (new businesses) cannot open unless they have approval of plan of business and make it mandatory," said Rand Waughtal, trustee.

"We don't want to be a community that makes businesses jump through hoops," Trustee Katy Kapaun said. "But this is not any different that what other communities are doing."

Moeri said he will talk to Radosovich to see if that should be put into an ordinance. In the meantime, the board approved the Health Partners business plan of operation.

In other news:

• Terry Dull, board member, attended his last board meeting as a member. He elected not to run for a trustee position again.

• Burgess said he contacted the registered sex offenders in Roberts to notify them of the new ordinance and asking if they had alternative emergency plans in lieu of going into the "child safety zones" by going to the school. He said that one planned on moving anyway, the other would provide alternate plans and the third was upset about the situation and may file an appeal, as the family has children in the school.

• Burgess said he believes the rash of thefts in the county are by kids who are taking items like iPods, iPod accessories and GPS.

• Burgess announced that he hired two new part-time police officers, Kyle Henrichs from Baldwin and Todd Schaefer from Hudson.

• John Bond, public works director, volunteered to spend time giving tours of the wastewater treatment plant upon request for elementary groups. He said he's received several requests from Scouts in particular.

• Bond suggested that someone from the board attend the public hearing regarding phosphorus rules changing in Eau Claire on April 27 as he said it would have serious financial ramifications on the Village of Roberts. Moeri said he would make an effort to attend.

• Kapaun, also a library board member, said they have hired two employees for the library, as well as an intern. They also plan to hold their final public hearing meeting next month as part of their requirement for the community block grant -- the date has yet to be announced.

• Brenda Hackman, library director, said they will have an open house on Friday, April 16, at the current location in honor of National Library Week. They will also have a volunteer appreciation dinner at the Village Hall Monday, April 19, at 6 p.m. for anyone who has volunteered their time, reservations requested.

• The board approved the Roberts Lions Club request for Good Neighbor Days June 3-6 at Roberts Park.

• The board approved Sidetrack Saloon's liquor license extension for June 4-7 for cleanup.

• The board approved L&M Bar and Grill's liquor license extension June 4-6 and for June 12.

• The board agreed to renew the YMCA's contract for 2010-11 after-school care to include the six late starts implemented by the St. Croix Central School District. They also decided to raise the rent for the Park Building from $100 a month to $150 a month.

• Burgess gave the board a list of 15 violations that currently are sent to the state for review. He suggested that petty citations be included in an ordinance so that they would be handled by the municipal court.

"It just boils down to who we submit paperwork to," Burgess explained. "It doesn't really affect our workload. I think at the time they went to the state because we didn't have a municipal court."

A particular point of interest was the upcoming smoking ban in public places.

"We have three options," Burgess said. "We can adopt the statute that the state sets forward, we can create our own ordinance within the limited standards or do nothing but be in the same boat that if we have a violation, we'd have to send to the state rather than issue a simple violation."

Burgess received the board's permission to take the list of 15 petty crimes to the village attorney for his input.

• The Village of Roberts board meets the second Monday of each month at the Village Hall at 7 p.m.