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Somerset wraps up summer season

The Apple River looks pretty vacant now.

Tubing season is over, and the community of Somerset is getting back to its normal population size.

So how did Somerset weather another summer season?

Somerset Police Chief Doug Briggs said this year from June 1 to Aug. 31 they had 454 incidents compared to 568 incidents for the same time last year.

"We had a noticeable drop in serious incidents and this continues a trend that has been going on for the past seven years," Briggs said. "I think this can be attributed to the proactive approach to our busy season that was adopted by the village and the tubing establishments."

Not only did the police report a slower season, Somerset Fire/Rescue had a quiet summer too.

"We are down on calls for service and I think even less when it came to the summer recreational period," Fire Chief Travis Belisle said.

"Looking back on the summer it was fairly quiet and uneventful," he said.

It's a good sign that the police and fire departments report a slow summer, but what about local businesses?

The Apple River Family Campground opened this May and it is the only one of the four campgrounds that is open all year round.

"We've had a low amount of campers, but all the feedback has been great," Chas Grillo, Apple River Family Campground manager, said. "A lot of people were glad to see it open again."

Float-Rite, Apple River Hideaway and River's Edge are open seasonally and were not able to comment at presstime.

"It was pretty busy - we have good business here," Don Mueller, store manager of the Holiday gas station.

"I think things went well; it was constant," said Patti Lepinski, store manager of SuperAmerica gas station. "I've only been here since mid-August last year, but some employees said that it wasn't as busy as years past."

The liquor stores reported a steady stream of customers these past months.

"This is the third summer we've been open," said Becky Kappers, store manager at Apple River Liquor. "It was a good summer."

Mary Wallace, owner of Liquor Depot, said that business has picked up since she moved back downtown from the River Hills Commons development.

"Weather matters a lot, and July and August were pretty good," Wallace said. "It's all coming back."

Faye Ring, owner of Rendevous bar, said that her business was remained constant this year.

"We don't rely on the summer so much because we have good loyal local customers," said Ring.

"We didn't put on additional staff, but we did check more IDs," she added.