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SCC Elementary celebrates custodian's birthday

St. Croix Central Building and Grounds Superintendent Greg Green holds just a few stacks of the cards he received for his birthday. The SCC Elementary School celebrated Mr. Green Day on Feb. 4 in honor of Green's 52nd birthday.1 / 2
Students in Ann Leque's fourth-grade class made a door sign honoring Greg Green.2 / 2

It's unanimous at the St. Croix Central Elementary School ... Mr. Green is golden.

The district's Building and Grounds Superintendent Greg Green's 52nd birthday was Feb. 5 and on Feb. 4 the school had a celebration in his honor, complete with cards, cake, artwork and poems.

Green, of Roberts, graduated from St. Croix Central in 1977 and has been working in the district since. Elementary School Principal Steve Sanders says Green's roots and pride in the St. Croix Central School District shows through in his work.

"I think if you cut him open, he'd bleed blue. He is a true St. Croix Central Panther person. It shows that he loves what he does, he loves being around the kids and interacting with the staff," Sanders said.

Sanders said the school celebrates other staff members' birthdays, but says Green especially deserves recognition on his special day.

"What he does for us behind the scenes is bar none. He is the best. I really mean that," he said.

Whether he is setting up for a concert or clearing the walkways of snow, Sanders said the district can depend on Green to get the job done well and on time.

"You know things are going to be done, because you can count on him. That's the type of person he is," he said.

Mr. Green Day

Mr. Green Day is more than just a day celebrating Green's birthday, it's a celebration of a humble man who does a lot for the schools and cares about the people within the district.

The school started off Mr. Green Day with a poem from Lois Skaalrud's third grade class.

Mr. Green is certainly the man, We call upon when we need a helping hand. With a nod and a great, big smile, He always goes that extra mile! St. Croix Central has a superman, Mr. Green, we are your biggest fans!

 Sanders said that Green "cares about SCC like no other person that I have ever been associated with in my time here."

What others had to say:

• "Despite Greg's never ending list of things to do, he consistently gives time and attention to detail each and every task employees ask for him to do," said Brenda Simone.

• "Greg is a great guy! I have worked in the elementary building with him for 34 years and he is one-of-a kind! SCC is lucky to have him," said Cheryl Dougherty.

• "Greg and I began working for the SCC schools the same year. In my opinion, his dedication and devotion to this district is unmatched," said Tom Magee.

• "There has never been or will be a more dedicated person to SCC than Greg Green. He is at school every day of the week and at all times of the day and night. I don't know how he does it all ... He must not sleep. If you ask for anything, it is done and delivered almost immediately. Greg is a friend and teacher to students and staff," said Ann Leque.

It's evident that many people in the schools enjoy having Green in the district. So what does Green enjoy most about his job?

"I enjoy everything. I enjoy all the staff, the kids ... I appreciate everyone I work with," he said. "They're a fun group to work with, they help out when I ask for help. They are accommodating to what I need to do and when it needs to be done. We all just work together, that's the greatest thing."

The school has been celebrating Green's birthday for more than five years.

Green said he is surprised his birthday has turned into a holiday-like event, getting bigger each year.

"It's kind of like the snowball effect. I don't do anything special. I work just as hard as everyone else but they seem to think it's important (to celebrate)," he said. 

Although Green said he doesn't like to call attention to himself, he said it makes him feel good that people want to do nice things for him. Green said all the thoughtful gestures are overwhelming, in a good way.

So what did Green do on his birthday? He worked during the basketball tournaments at the middle and high school. Green said he didn't mind though, since he doesn't usually do anything to celebrate his birthday.

Green said the school district does enough to celebrate his birthday week.

"They make up for what I don't do," he said.

Even if Green didn't celebrate his birthday, the avid Packers fan was surely celebrating Green Bay's Super Bowl win last weekend ... the perfect end to his birthday week.

Gretta Stark

Gretta Stark has been a reporter for the River Falls Journal since July of 2013. She previously worked as a reporter for the New Richmond News from June 2012 to July 2013. She holds a BA in Print and Electronic Media from Wartburg College.

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