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Truck takes out lightpost in Somerset

A truck hit the stoplight on Spring Street and knocked it to the ground Monday, Feb. 14.1 / 2
Crews worked to put the stoplight and attached signs back in place in downtown Somerset.2 / 2

"This just happened last fall."

Bob Crotty, public works director, was out with his crew in the municipal parking lot on Spring Street. They were working on an inert stoplight post lying on the ground.

Only a few hours ago, it was standing erect at the southeast corner of Spring and Main.

At approximately 7:56 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 14, a truck driver was on Spring Street making a right-hand turn. He hit the stoplight on the corner beside General Sam's, knocking the entire post into the street.

"It didn't hit anything," said Crotty. "Last time it hit the building."

Because that particular corner has a tight turning radius, the Village of Somerset has established a truck route from County Road I to Cloutier Drive. From there, truckers can drive to Depot Street and then turn onto Main Street.

However, some truckers continue to try their luck on Spring Street.

At presstime, the police report was not available, nor was the name of the driver.

Crotty said that they "were lucky" that they had an extra breakaway base and streetlight in storage from the last time the post was hit. The rest of the pole, including the sign for County Road I, was intact.

According to Pam Donohoe, village clerk, the cost for replacing the entire post last fall was $6,027 -- the street light itself was $3,700.

The cost for replacement last year was billed to the driver's insurance company.