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Police department changes record storage system

When the one of the Village of Somerset's two servers crashed the other weekend, it reinforced the idea that the Somerset police department made a good decision in signing with CORE.

CORE Technology is based in Lansing, Mich. and provides software solutions for police departments and law enforcement agencies. According to Somerset Police Chief Doug Briggs, CORE will store all their files at their facility in Michigan, with a triple redundant backup.

"This will save the village in not having to maintain a separate server here for the police department," Briggs explained. "Also, by maintaining our files and system at their facility all work that they need to do can be done at their headquarters thus saving the village the costs of service calls."

Briggs said that they decided to accept CORE's $6,000 bid for record storage and converting their old data base to the new system because the department's previous provider had gone out of business. The conversion is scheduled to be finished within this month, and installation and training police department personnel will take another month.

He said that other than a different general report form, there will be no other change in daily operations for the department.

CORE provided Somerset PD with references that included the state of Wisconsin, Eau Claire County Emergency Communications and three other law enforcement agencies in Michigan that were similar to Somerset.

"They gave the company very high marks and recommended them without reservation," Briggs said. "We felt this was very important given the issues and reputations of other companies."