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Carpet recycling comes to Somerset

Mike Faust, owner of Carpeting by Mike in Somerset, loads another carpet roll into the recycling trailer behind his business. They are accepting used carpeting and padding to be recycled instead of going into landfills.

It's only been two weeks, and the trailer is almost half full.

A 53-foot enclosed trailer stands behind Carpeting by Mike at 405 Laser Drive in Somerset. Inside are piles of used carpets and bags of carpet padding.

"All of this would have gone to the landfill and carpet doesn't break down," said Mike Faust, owner of Carpeting by Mike.

Faust is the only dealer in the western Wisconsin area that has partnered with Carpet Landfill Elimination and Recycling to provide the public with a place to dispose of used carpet and pads.

John Kane is the vice president of sales MN of Surface Transport Inc. -- the parent company of CLEAR. He said that they have 50 sites set up throughout five states.

"We typically receive about 5-7 trailer loads a day," said Kane.

CLEAR has been setting up these trailers at carpet dealerships for the past six months, and they hope to expand into the Twin Cities area next.

In the meantime, Carpeting by Mike is accepting used carpet and padding during their regular business hours: Monday-Friday 8-5 p.m. and Saturdays 10-1 p.m. There is a $10 fee per household.

Since the materials will be taken directly to a recycling center, there are a few stipulations on what can go into the trailer.


Nylon carpet, polypropylene carpet, olefin carpet, foam pad, re-bond pad. They ask that the carpet is cut in 4-6 foot sections and either tied with twine or taped. Carpet padding can also be rolled and smaller scraps placed in plastic bags.


Wet material, job scraps (small trim), wool fiber, jute back carpet or pad, tack strip, cushion or foam back carpet, rubber back carpet/rubber pad, excessively glued carpet, double-stick carpet/pad, synthetic felt pad, trash and carpet tile.

According to the CLEAR website, the recycled carpet and padding is used for new carpet, plastic-wood composites, picnic tables, park benches, auto parts, nylon pellets and erosion control products.

Faust said that he plans to keep the trailer available as long as possible, and then get another one.

"The way things are going, we should fill this up within a month," said Faust.