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St. Anne School hosts its annual art show

Eighth-graders Olivia Fernandez and Autumn McMeeken paint scenes on ordinary ceiling tiles. The finished tiles will be placed in the ceiling of the art room.1 / 2
Third-graders Margo Gauper and Adrianna Meath show another student how they are creating larger-than-life replicas of lizards and bugs by studying the anatomy through a magnifying glass.2 / 2

Walking into St. Anne's School on Thursday, April 28, was an explosion of color and creativity.

Students' art projects from the current school year lined the hallways. Homage to such well-known artists as Picasso, Cezanne, Monet, M.C. Esher and Georgia O'Keefe were represented in fruit bowls, water lilies, lizards and shells.

World art was demonstrated through Japanese fans, Kente weavings, NW Coastal Indians, Mexican bark paintings and Aboriginal dot art.

In addition to past creations, students from each grade were stationed through the school demonstrating different techniques they had learned.

Eighth-graders Olivia Fernandez and Autumn McMeeken were painting scenes on ceiling tiles to fill spaces in the art room.

Third-graders Margo Gauper and Adrianna Meath were drawing detailed lizards and bugs -- using a magnifying glass to replicate the joints to make it as realistic as possible.

Kay Vater, art teacher, has been teaching art at St. Anne's School for nine years.

"I would like to thank all of the families who have been so supportive of me," said Vater in the program. "It has been my abolute pleasure to work with all of your creative children."